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“My husband and I often joke that she is better then a marriage counselor, she has helped us resolve issues in the day to day running of our home and as a result our lives run much more smoothly!” Nina M


“Thank you so much for helping to get me organized! Amber loves her new room. On Monday morning I stuckmy head in her room and she was doing her hair in front  of her mirror. She said, ‘Look Mom, I’m in my little area.’ Margie F


“Danielle brings great ideas, a cheerful and enthusiastic temperament, and a gift for collaborative problem solving to each project.” Monica Armstrong


“I just wanted to say thanks so much for all the work you did in my kitchen. We love it so much.” Michelle C


“Danielle treated my six decades of trash and treasure with respect and proper reverence … my treasures, junk, and possessions are bits-and-pieces of my soul.” Ginny B


“Your contributions have made a tremendous difference already.” Debra G


“Danielle diligently kept me focused on sorting through all the boxes and then organized my office space for optimal productivity.” Darlene Dassy 


“A place for everything and everything in its place brings peace of mind” Linda M


“Super”- I haven’t made a mess yet and life is easier.” Sue W


“I was tired of living in clutter and now thanks to Danielle I don’t have to any more. Lucy R


“She attains the perfect balance between recognizing a clients personal wishes and offering a gentle nudge toward change.” Rachel P


“I was physically aware of how much ”lighter” I felt knowing & seeing the progress that has made so far.” Ann D’A


“I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my new study–so much more peaceful and conducive to work than it was before we worked on it.” Miriam S.



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