Travel tips Teresa beaching on the Jersey shore

12 Travel Tips


1. Did you know baby powder removes sand?

2. Keep your pool bag packed and ready to go. Just add you wallet and phone.

3.For spontanous travel store your tioletries in your luggege. Replenish as soon as you get home.

4.Always travel with a flashlight. If the power goes out you'll be ready in unfamiliar surroundings.

5. Make a travel essentials list on your computer to use for packing. Google "packing list" for free downloads.

6.Pack small healthy snacks when traveling.

7.Rent a Beach Box and leave your supplies on the beach.

8. Pack a small spray bottle of vinegar in case someone gets stung by a jelly fish.

9.Roll up your socks and place them inside your shoes. Line your shoes along the sides of your suitcase.

10.Make sure your friends and family know your intinerary.

11.Keep your electronics charged. If you get delayed at the airport you wont need to find an outlet.

12. Remember it's ok not to plan. Having an open schedule can be very rewarding.

travel tips Thats us getting dipped, 2013

More Travel Tips

  • Plan ahead. About a month to prepare. Leads too much excitement plus you can come up with good ideas for your trip. I like to dream about my get- a-ways. Last year parasailing, this year stand up paddle board or sailing or both.
  • Jot down some of the experiences you would like to have and places you would like to see. Who wants to try archery? Are we bringing the golf clubs this year?
  • Don't forget to put your "out of office" alert on your email. Try hard not to work. Put it aside, just for a little while.
  • Start packing a week before the trip. Don't forget to use your packing list.
  • Unpack as soon as you arrive. Get comfy in your new surrounding and relax into it.
  • Don't take too many photos. Remember you have to edit, delete, print, store, display, pay & share. That's a lot of work. Scale down a bit.
  • Come home to a day or two off from work. Better to ease back into your crazy busy life.
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