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"Danielle transforms lives one room/space/project at a time".

Holistic - Respects all aspects of a client’s life—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My approach is not rooted in any particular spiritual or religious tradition and honors all paths. I consider my work as sacred and know it is possible to transform lives with the work I do in this world.

"We got so much done over the phone. My closet looks great now!".

Virtual - Face Time sessions puts you  in control of the process, lowers anxiety levels and protects your privacy. Clients are able to practice the skill of organizing and create confidence in themselves. Shorter sessions allows for a more affordable project. 



"Very easy changes that we could all live with".

Green - Learn how to turn your home into an ECO friendly space. Setting up recycling areas, auditing your household cleaners and learning about resources in your area. Most clients report that going green has saved them money in the long term. 



"Everything looked wonderful! Thank you for sharing your talent with me"

Organizing - De-clutter and organize your living spaces and office. I'll set up systems designed especially for you. These services offer you the help and focus you need to reduce chaos in the home, everyday stress and inability to find items when you need them.

"Hiring Danielle to help me pack for my cross country move was one of the best decisions!"

Downsizing - My contacts include professional organizers, house cleaners, painters, junk removal services and realtors. Vacant homes or any relocation project. Services include project planning, clean outs and staging homes.

"YES! I am LOVING the office spaciousness and how we went through files."

Paper Management - Monthly appointments consist of compiling all hard copies, processing payments, recycling, shredding and filing. Archiving tax documents and keeping hot files current. Transitioning to paperless processing is included with these services.


         Home and office Organizing              

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I know we did not get much cleaned out but I'm so happy it is now organized, like items are together and I can get to everything more easily.  And I have things together that can go to NY!  I'm really, really happy with what got accomplished today with your help."

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