What a fantastic idea. The Norristown Police Departments lobby is now designated a "Safe Zone" for Craigs List transactions. So if you are selling or purchasing on Craigs List you are welcome to go to the lobby instead of having strangers in your home. 

Norristown Police department

Montgomery County Courthouse



2 E Airy St
Norristown, PA 19401

montcopa.org (610) 278-3000

This is a drug drop off container for left over medicines. This insures that excess medications do not end up in our water supply.



Forgo the straw!




Did you know that the Philadelphia zoo does not allow straws?

Did you know that Disney's Animal Kingdom also doesn't allow straws?


Read this short article:


Be very careful about what you put on your lawn & driveway.


"Concentrated development in urbanized areas substantially increases impervious surfaces, such as streets, driveways and parking lots. These surfaces are the primary collector of pollutants until a rain washes them into nearby storm drains. Common pollutants include pesticides, fertilizers, oils, salt, litter, and sediment. Storm drains do not run to treatment plants. They empty directly into waterways. When left uncontrolled, these discharges can result in fish kills, destruction of wildlife habitats, and contamination of drinking water and recreational waterways. Sediment from yard debris and construction sites can cause stream bank erosion, vegetation destruction, and flooding. It is therefore extremely important to recognize that individual actions can multiply the effect on water quality."


Individual actions= that means us!


Read more: http://www.conshohockenpa.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=130






Every relocation project starts with a trip to the liquor store for FREE boxes. These boxes are perfect for books and other heavy materials. Always reinforce them first.





What a great idea! It's a laundry detergent refilling station at Whole Foods. No more heavy plastic containers in our land fills.


In 1988, Sun & Earth began its quest for a better way to clean. We wanted to rid toxic chemicals with harsh smells and mysterious names from our living rooms, kitchens and baths! We set out to prove that cleaning products made from harmless ingredients could perform as well as the leading brand.

Learn more here Sun & Earth






My neighbor used paper bags for her organic lawn debris instead of plastic bags. So happy to see this!


Holods True Value

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